20-Minute Total Body Strength

Daily Burn fitness program

This 4-week workout program by Daily Burn launched shortly into 2019, capitalizing off of people who were refocused by New Year's resolutions. The bright colors and bold typography in the overall program's marketing reinforce strength and positivity.

Since Daily Burn’s programs are primarily video-based, it was important to create a strong, but quick intro sequence, which would be the first thing any athlete sees as they start each workout.

There are multiple trainers who lead 20-Minutes Total Body Strength and while each participated in a professional photoshoots and videoshoots, it was necessary to make a cohesive set of the group. I found that making images monochromatic and editing out strong backgrounds helped give each trainer a clean image focused on themselves.

Art direction: Daily Burn, Don Eschenauer
Design: Patti Look
Motion: Patti Look

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