Anti-Doping Interactive Quiz Microsite


Rampant use of illegal substances in sports has infiltrated events from the Tour de France to the Olympics. Even athletes who were role models otherwise have been outted for doping. Knowing that, the International Association of Athletics Federations supported educating athletes that it’s not only the most famous performance enhancing drugs that can be dangerous, but also items that people can buy in their local stores. After focus groups and research, this true or false quiz was created so that athletes can learn about safe ways to train.

Topics covered in the quiz were based on to what focus groups best responded. In order to make a serious subject more approachable, each illustration was created with bright colors and relatable content.

This quiz microsite was built with IAAF branding to live on the its website and be disseminated by sports organizations to smaller communities.

Art direction: Patti Look
Development: Patti Look
Illustration: Patti Look

Copyright 2022 Patricia Look