New York Road Runners

When New York Road Runners updated its email service provider, it also decided to refresh its email templates so that they’d be responsive and more engaging. Given that the non-profit is comprised of many brands and communities, it needed templates that worked across the board and could be tailored for specific branding.

The new templates incorporated more visual hierarchy, clear calls to action, and custom fonts, as well as elevated marquee race emails with gradient backgrounds. In reviewing what worked best on mobile, I also encouraged phasing out 600px x 90px ads in favor of 300px x 250px ads that would be more legible on smaller displays.

Newsletter templates

On The Move
TCS New York City Marathon
Five-Borough Series Races

Race confirmations

While newsletters may lend themselves to being long format, there was no reason that race confirmation emails needed to be the same. People are busy and I wanted to distill race-specific information into snackable content. Since race numbers are distributed by scanning QR codes, I made sure that the race logo and a runner’s personalized QR code were easily identifiable at the top. The remaining content—routinely mentioned information like race number pickup times or guidelines—were then linked to websites so that content only needed to be updated in one place and thus reducing the amount of time spent producing emails.


2019 Year in Review

Static image: shown here
Animated email: link

At the year’s end, New York Road Runners wanted to compile unique runner data for its community. While some data is presented on its results website and other data often tracked by GPS watches, we wanted this to show a bigger picture in a fun way. 

After consulting with IT and marketing for data points, I created small animations to incoporate with these stats, spacing out placement and timing so as not to overwhelm the email. The email was also segmented to include optional sections for people who achieve milestones like qualifying for the next year’s TCS New York City Marathon.

Art direction: Patti Look
Template Development: Brian Hankerson
Year-in-Review Development: Movable Ink

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