Catering Menu

W. Millar & Co. Catering

Many americans wonder in the afternoon, “What should we eat?” and on a whim choose one place over another. Because of that, W. Millar & Co. Catering knew that as corporate caterer, it needed to stand out. With tasty food already under their belt, I created a bright red menu to catch people’s eye among a desk drawer pile of catering menus.

In order to help people easily navigate the menu, each section has a color theme and is set up as differing length tab. Since much of their brand is illustrated, unique illustrations based on Washington, D.C., neighborhoods and architecture are incorporated throughout the menu, reminding people that this is a locally-owned business.

Art direction: Spoolia Design, Julia Ames
Design: Patti Look
Illustration: Patti Look, Candace Urquiza

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